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Welcome to LudoStrat

This Wiki engages in the topics Strategy and Tactics of board games and card games.

You are heartly welcome to register and take part in the development of this page.

Why LudoStrat?

There are thousands of well made pages for this topic, so why should there even be one more? The existing web sites present a repetition of the rules of a game often resulting in a subjective judgement of the game. There are also sites, who provide discussions about games or give answers to rule unclarities and there are websites, that list all factual informations like the name of the author, the year of publication and so on.

But if you know the rules of a game, then you still will not know what to do when to win the game. This is what this page should deliver: which long-term strategy to follow and which tatical moves to do in which situation of a game.

Strategy and tactics are often differently seen by different gamers, that is why this should not be the work of a few people, but should present different theories one beside the other after fruitful discussions. You are heartfully invited to take part in this Wiki.